some metaphysical delirium

What’s fate exactly? The same old question, is it something the subject is responsible for, or is it determined by the whole system starting from your pathetic mothers and fathers to the state apparatus? What is it that leads to change, even if it is as tiny as we cannot sense but only read through history of  earth? What is behind all this mess? The spirit of Hegel or gods or the God or our selfish genes accounting for advantages of our survival? Or is it that survival is in fact equivalent to destruction, Thanatos as Dr. Freud would suggest? 

What is that makes us persist to exist?

Is this question relevant to our own existence at all, or is it just a byproduct, an epiphenomenon, for example is it a metaphysical hobby for some stupid intellectuals –overly ugly men with glasses- to make themselves attractive to women so that they can have some chance to copulate and reproduce  –and why use condom if so? –, as these idiots, so called intellectuals do not have any goddam skills else?

Am I just one of them?  Are you one of them?

Say, even if I’d never have access to the answer of this shit, do God or gods or cosmos whatsoever know it? Are they some kinda charlatans who contributed to all this shit to make fun of us? Do they even care?

In the end: Who cares?

I do, I think.